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Our Mission



Founded in 2017, the Lotus Lee Foundation is a nonprofit  theatre organization in New York City partnered with the Lotus Lee Drama Studios which was founded in China in 2015. Lotus Lee is a pioneer of theatre in China specializing in theatrical planning, investment, production, performance, marketing, and bringing new technology to the theatre. We have a large presence and following in Chinese international cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou and are growing here in the east coast of the United States.


"We strongly believe in cultural exchange, in bringing these two countries together, and sharing our stories with each other."


Lotus Lee Foundation was created to help young playwrights produce new works in China and the United States, to share their stories with each other and introduce people to stories outside their own experiences. We strive to get young and emerging artists, particularly Asian ones, involved in the theatre. Our offices are set up in New York City and China to help and support young playwrights tell their stories and reach a large audience to create the opportunity for artists of all disciplines and skills to become involved. We aim to continue bringing new works to the stage in China and the United States and to share these works with other countries. We would love to hear from you!


Our Program



Lotus Lee Foundation was founded to help realize these goals. This is why we have an open submission for new works which will get produced in China and New York City and a video project that will give young artists the opportunity to share their experiences of being an artist on Broadway and Off-Broadway. We also have a future series of workshops and discussions that deal with new technology in theatre, playwriting, theatre in the Chinese market and touring internationally.



Lotus Lee Drama Studio



Lotus Lee also recently commissioned and produced The Three-Body Problem in China. It premiered at the Shanghai Culture Square in June of 2016 and is still touring China. We are also now in the process of bringing it to the United States and producing The Three-Body Problem II. 


The Three Body Problem is based on the award-winning science fiction novel of the same name by Liu Cixin. To tell this rich and complex story, we created a 3-D multimedia world. We use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), 3-D mapping, hologram projections, and other high-end stage technologies that make it a visual feast for the audience. 

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