Propelled by a tuneful and heartrending score by Grammy Award-winning music legend Elton John, BILLY ELLIOT is one of the most powerful and important musicals of the 21st century.

Focusing on the miners' strike of the mid-1980s in Thatcher England, the central character navigates a journey from boxing gloves to ballet shoes to the Royal Ballet Academy despite the misgivings of his gruff and grieving father, with Billy's mother having unexpectedly died in the recent past. A story of resilience and the power of the performing arts, BILLY ELLIOT hits the hearts of all ages by way of its gritty and hard-hitting storytelling style.

Boasting a score by Elton John along with book and lyrics by the original 2000 feature film creator Lee Hall, BILLY ELLIOT received 15 Tony Award nominations in its 2009 Broadway debut, ultimately taking home many of the night's top awards - Best Musical, Best Actor In A Musical, Best Featured Actor In A Musical, Best Director, Best Book and many more, collectively winning 10 trophies all told.

Delicately and evocatively explicating the transition from a two-parent home to a single father alone and grappling with how to guide his gifted pubescent son in life, BILLY ELLIOT is a musical tackling themes rarely evoked in popular entertainment yet it does so with wit and heart.

Unquestionably, BILLY ELLIOT is a prime example of an emotionally complex and dramatically electrifying experience that will be mirrored in our 2019 Lotus Lee Foundation Children's Play Initiative winner.
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By Pat CerasaroComment