INNOVATIONS: Reinventing The Museum Experience With teamLab

We live in the age of technology dominating our existence, so promoting the top innovators in the field of live event presentations with the most groundbreaking and cutting edge tech is an essential element of the mission of the Lotus Lee Drama Studio. Accordingly, shining a light on the institutions bringing theatrical arts beyond any imaginable limits is the goal of our new article series, INNOVATIONS.

A leading innovator in artistic presentations is teamLab, which is a consortium of artists with acclaimed exhibits throughout Japan. 

The distinct modus operandi amply evident in their multitude of projects thus far reflects their pronounced philosophy that art does not have to be contained within a confined space. As a result of digital technology it has the ability to go far beyond. Moving beyond the confines of canvas and paint, digital technology affords a fully immersive and interactive experience. A transformative sensation for the senses, teamLab utilizes groundbreaking new methods in order to enact immersive exhibitions resulting in a fully 4D experience. 

Additionally, the method of presentation is adaptable to spaces small and large, bringing the viewer deep into the experience in an intimate and thrilling manner no matter the size of the venue. 

Whether masterpieces of the past or fresh creations, the dynamic method of presentation masterminded by teamLab brings audiences deeper into art and museum-going than ever imaginable. Creating a collective experience, the viewer becomes an intrinsic part of the art itself, revealing new details and a more comprehensive reading of the art all the while.

Certainly, their official motto reflects their expansive vision: "We believe that the digital domain can expand art."

The possibilities are virtually - and digitally - endless.

The philosophies intrinsic to teamLab similarly apply to the mission of the Lotus Lee Foundation and Drama Studio, amply evident in our newest theatrical event The Three-Body Problem II: The Dark Forest, beginning performances in Shanghai and Beijing this April and May.

Featuring cutting edge 3D Drama technology and helmed by several notable artists from Broadway, film and world theatre including director Philippe Decoufl√© (Cirque du Soleil's Paramour), set designer George Tsypin (Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark), costume designer Kym Barrett (The Matrix trilogy) and playwrights Kenny Finkle and Yi Gu, The Three-Body Problem II: The Dark Forest is an incomparable entertainment event, providing a feast for the senses in a truly innovative and unique theatrical manner like no other production before or since.

For more information on The Three-Body Problem II: The Dark Forest, visit the official site here:

By Pat CerasaroComment