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Our video series invites young theatre artists, actors, designers, directors, managers, technicians, etc., to talk about their experiences in New York City and the NYC theatre scene. Not only to give the public a behind the scene look into what theatre is really like as a career, but again, to give artists a chance to tell their stories. Not just when doing a show, but also as themselves in their daily lives.


Broadway 101 Project


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Beacon Light

Beacon Light is honored to have received the encouragement and support from the distinguished artists at home and abroad. The platform will keep updating the interview videos with the artists, by sharing their experiences and works , to enlighten us about the philosophy that luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. For the young people working on culture and the arts, the artists are like a beacon of light, brightening their path. Please, listen to their voices.



Channel Director with CCTV

Channel Director with CCTV



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You may be working to be an actor, director, stage manager, producer or stagehand on Broadway. Please let us know about you. You are welcome to share with us your unique stories. We will have your story told with our camera and shared with our audience worldwide.

You can also find us on Youku, Iqiyi, Tencent with the name 戏说百老汇