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Earthwalkers! Welcome to the first Lotus Lee Foundation Blog entry! I’m the Lotus Alien and I will be your official guide to the world of Lotus Lee! Before we begin discussing today’s topic, let me give you a little bit of an insight on our company.


Founded in 2017, the Lotus Lee Foundation is a non profit theatre organization in New York City partnered with the Lotus Lee Drama Studio which was founded in China in 2015. Lotus Lee is a pioneer of theatre in China, specializing in theatrical planning, investment, production, performance, marketing, and bringing new technology to the theatre.
We have a large presence and following in Chinese international cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou and are growing here in the east coast of the United States. We strongly believe in cultural exchange, in bringing these two countries together, and in sharing our stories with each other. Right now, we are set up in New York City and China to help and support young artists tell their stories. How can we accomplish this? How do we support the voices of thousands of artists and let their ideas take flight? Our NYC team has decided to launch a brand new project to develop new and innovative theatrical productions and answer these questions.


Lotus Lee Foundation is proud to present The Lotus Lee New Work Initiative! The Lotus Lee New Work Initiative is an open submission competition whose primary goal is to bring the best theatre and new voices from the United States to China and vice versa. This is why we’re interested in new works from playwrights who are hungry to be heard and are willing to discover new technology to bring their work to the stage. We have an open submission where anyone can submit their new works at no cost.
The best works are then selected by a board of judges who read the submitted scripts and ultimately decide on the best one. The play that gets chosen will be produced in 2019 with a significant budget and for a year-long tour in China with a potential remount in The United States. The judges consist of a mix of industry individuals and individuals from renowned universities such as DePaul and Columbia University. 

Lotus Lee Foundation is ecstatic to put this project into full motion. We believe that it is important to help grow and nourish new plays to their fullest capacity and see how audiences react to these fresh stories. Stories are meant to be shared and not hidden which is why we invite you to share your play with us!

Writers! Don't doubt yourselves! Submit your play today! You never know, you might have an incredible story in the palm of your hand and trust me, it’s begging to see the light.


Till next time Earthwalkers,

Lotus Alien


P.S: Do you like my picture above? Don’t I look great?

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