APAP 2018: Recap!


           This year started off very exciting for Lotus Lee Foundation. From January 12th through the 16th, Lotus Lee Foundation attended The Association of Performing Arts Professionals (APAP) in New York City. APAP is a one of a kind event were professionals in the performing arts field congregate together to learn about each other and network. This year, Lotus Lee Foundation was present at APAP in collaboration with a very special performing arts organization called Cennarium.


            Cennarium is a one of a kind subscription based platform that lets its users stream different kinds of performing arts shows. With many different genres such as Dance, Musicals, Stand Up, Plays, etc, Cennarium lets you choose what kinds of show you stream. The recordings of each performance are High Definition and they offer several interesting angles that make the viewing experience extremely entertaining.

              Lotus Lee Foundation and Cennarium joined forces by providing APAP attendees with the chance to pitch their ideas to us. Attendees had the chance to record their ideas on video, which will then be posted on a newly created Cennarium community blogspot/network. Some of these videos will also be posted on a newly created section on the Lotus Lee Foundation website. Our goal is to show the world the ideas of incredibly imaginative artists and help them get exposure through our websites. 

Check out the gallery below to see a little bit of our booth and the attendees in action! 

               Both Cennarium and Lotus Lee are very pleased with the results of our booth. We are happy to help the artists of this generation thrive and gain exposure through our platforms. If you are a creative with great ideas for a production or you already have a show that you would like to take to China you can also let us know by submitting your ideas by pressing the button below!

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