New Work Initiative Submission Analysis Part I: Data Report and Fun Facts!


This week we will be recapping our New Work Initiative Submission Results. We are happy to say that we received a grand total of 410 Submissions from 23 countries including: The United States, The United Kingdom, China, Argentina, Wales, Australia, Canada and many other. We are extremely happy with these results! Take a look below at some Data collected from the submissions, read some Fun Facts and make sure to subscribe to our official Newsletter to receive all the upcoming information concerning the winners!

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  • Total Number of Submissions: 410

    • Number of Male Submitters: 247 (60.7%)

    • Number of Female Submitters: 149 (36.6%)

    • Number of People who didn’t want to say their gender: 11 (2.7%)

  • Age:

    • Age Range: 18 - 86 (The age which appears most often is 21)

  • Total number of countries from where we received submissions: 23

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 5.43.47 PM.png
  • Types of Play Genres submitted: 12

    • Modern topic 32.64%
    • Historical topic 10.88%
    • Tragedy topic 9.59%
    • Satire topic 7.51% 
    • Sci-Fi topic 6.74%.
    • Fantasy topic 5.96%
    • Romantic topic 5.44%
    • 64 candidates chose Other as their topic

Take a look at some of the schools from where we received submissions!

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 1.32.43 PM.png




A big THANK YOU to all of the schools, organizations and companies who helped us spread the word about our competition! 

Till next time! 

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