Kinky Boots Meeting Chinese Audience In Shanghai This Summer

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Prestigious Broadway original musical "KINKY BOOTS" will start its first show in Shanghai Culture Square, China from July 11 to August 5, 2018. 

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KINKY BOOTS Pre-sale page on, the largest ticket selling website of China.

KINKY BOOTS Pre-sale page on, the largest ticket selling website of China.

Before its entrance to China, KINKY BOOTS already owns many Chinese followers, for a number of people have been sharing their expectations and eagerness for the arrival of KINKY BOOTS online.

The first-class production team also provided a solid guarantee for the “KINKY BOOTS” Chinese trip. The CJ Live, which is the production company of the original musical "KINKY BOOTS", is invested by CMC Capital that focuses on performing arts, content production, and theater operations. According to Tian Yuan, the general manager of the company, the reason to introduce this play to China, not only it has successful factors of market verification, but also the positive core values. Just like demonstrated in the play: if you can't change the wind direction, you can adjust the sails; only by changing ideas can we win the world. "

Bird view on Shanghai Culture Square.

Bird view on Shanghai Culture Square.

Founded in 2011, Shanghai Culture Square is known as the world's largest underground theatre, with a devotion on hosting public performances. It has successfully showcased a series of both Eastern and Western theatre works, such as Shanghai Bund, Wicked, Cats, etc. 

As a professional company that enjoys a first-rate musical production and stage production team and has extensive experience in repertoire investment, repertoire selection, copyright negotiation, production operation, and marketing promotion, CDE Live not only produced a product within one year of its establishment. "Broadway Desire Trilogy" - "Murder Ballad", "Little Shop Of Horrors", "A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder" Chinese version, preparations for "MAMMA MIA" Chinese version and other musicals, the company's business also covers the theater Management and operations.

It is a huge joy to witness more classical Broadway shows entering China as a part of cultural exchange, which Lotus Lee Foundation has been strongly dedicated to. We warmly welcome more talented international artists and inspiring theatre work to participate in our related programs!


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