We Are In The Middle of New Work Initiative!

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We have been processing all of the submitted scripts and our judges are reading through them! This announcement marks the official completion of our in-house selection. We are happily overwhelmed by more than 400 submissions across 5 continents and 25 different countries, as a result, we have adjusted our timeline accordingly.

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From March 2nd to May 22nd, our 5 judges would start reviewing the 20 scripts which rank top 20. Afterwards, the judge team will close-up reviewing these scripts and provide the final detailed comments and suggestions to the top 5 winners between May 23rd to May 28th.

Winners of New Work Initiative will be announced on June 4th, following with an award event to celebrate the inspirations created and shared throughout the whole New Work Initiative! Our primary goal is to bring the best theatre from the United States to China and vice versa. And to foster and encourage new voices and share your stories. It is the efforts of all the participants that makes New Work Initiative promising and rewarding!


What’s Happening?

Open Submission begins

Open Submission closes

In-house choosing of the best twenty scripts

Judges read the scripts.

Judges will then provide detailed comments & suggestions to all winners 

Announcement of New Work Initiative Winners!

Award Event(TBD)


Monday, September 18th 2017

Sunday, February 18th  2018

February 18th - March 23rd 2018

March 23rd  – May 22nd 2018

May 23rd, 2018 - May 28th, 2018

Monday, June 4th, 2018

June or July 2018

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