Event Introduction | The 2nd Shenzhen Contemporary Theatre Biennale 2018 I

Team preparing and reviewing for The 2nd Shenzhen Contemporary Theatre Biennale 2018.

Team preparing and reviewing for The 2nd Shenzhen Contemporary Theatre Biennale 2018.

The Shenzhen Contemporary Theatre Biennale launches its second exhibition biannually in March.

Excerpt from People's Daily, Soho.com

The Shenzhen Contemporary Biennale 2018 is the first festival that focuses on theatre and its related art in China. It will embrace its second exhibition on March 16th, 2018, showcasing experimental, emerging international artists and their theatre work. The innovated styles and opportunities boosted during the festival provide a platform for cultural exchange, nurturing the Chinese cultural panorama in a global context.

The event would last for 10 days, presenting a fruitful feast of art combining national and international performances in theatre art, exhibitions on theatre photographs, posters and installations, academic panels, as well as public programs and workshops on theatre art. The Biennale is consisted with four individual units, including Performance, Exhibition, Presentation and Vision.

The creative director of the festival, Meng Jinghui says that the vision of the event is to encourage people, especially the young to access theatre art and participate in these activities, thus creating more miracles in the contemporary theatre art scene.

The “Phantom Limb” theme features Hyper!, a dance show directed by the Wang Yuanyuan from Beijing Contemporary Ballet. Inspired by Flamingo dance, the play has introduced the power and emotion of Spanish folklore. It accesses the audiences a world that they can explore, get lost and enjoy without any boundaries. The distances, transformation, or even exaggeration presented in the dance invites people to focus the constructions of Spanish cultural heritage in an abstract way. The performance involves the mutual efforts of an internationally collaborated team. Hyper! will be presented as the opening show to celebrate the unveiling of the 2018 Contemporary Theatre Biennale.

Stage scene of  Time Out.

Stage scene of Time Out.

Spanish physical theatre performance Time Out by Spanish company Aula3 Platforms represents the necessity to pause in the ever-lasting mobile world, thus discussing the philosophy of time. The element of pausing serves as a crucial factor that cultivates the existence of everything that involves yin and young, silence and noise, happiness and sadness. The performance is also supported by Acción Cultural Española (AC/E), a Spanish agency with a dedication on orchestrating public support for the promotion of culture, both in Spain and overseas.


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