Industry Trend | Why Amazon is Interested in Investing $1 Billion on Three-Body Problem?

Photo of Bezos by Leigh Vogel/Getty Images

Photo of Bezos by Leigh Vogel/Getty Images

Jeff Bezos has been eager for Amazon's own series of Game of Thrones. He shows interests in the Hugo-Award-winning fiction written by Liu Cixin, a writer from China.

Excerpt from Vice, Hyperbeast

Amazon is reported to show great interests in investing $1 billion USD on a series adaptation of The Three-Body Problem, written by Chinese writer Liu Cixin. The science fiction novel has enjoyed a large popularity internationally, who have been attracted by its seamless integration on virtual reality, Chinese Cultural Revolution and galaxy-spanning conspiracies, etc. It was first published in 2008, and has been translated into English after its critical success of winning Hugo Awards. Amazon is still negotiating with Chinese studio YooZoo Pictures on the copyright issue for its plan on the three-season adaptation to rival Game of Thrones, the episodes of HBO that has been making a massive hit.


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Stage view of the 3D Multimedia Stage Drama Show of The Three-Body Problem produced by Lotus Lee Drama Studio

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