New Work Initiative Submission Analysis Part II: Career


Last week we shared the age data analysis of our NWI. This week we will focus on the Career part. And you will find there are so many people from different industries interested in writing a play.


Career Field Analysis Summary

chart (4).png

In our New Work Initiative, there are 303 candidates from Playwright area. Half of them also are the writer, screenwriter, and even Lyricist.

  • There are 148 playwrights, 36% of all candidates.
  • More than 1/8 of all candidates have a double career on Playwright and Writer.
  • 27 candidates have three different jobs as a playwright, a writer, and a screenwriter, that is nearly 6.5% of all candidates.
  • There also are 2 lyricists and 2 Screenwriters among all candidates.
  • We received  1 script from a Drama Director and a Neon animation filmmaker.
Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 4.04.14 PM.png

Except that, 25 of also have another theatre-related job. 38 of them have another job (Theatre irrelevant)



Theatre-Related Job

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 8.53.00 PM.png

 There are 65 candidates have Theatre-Related Job, like Actor, Director, Choreographer, Producer, Manager, etc. 25 of them also are the content creator(Playwright, Writer, Screenwriter, Lyricists, etc). 2/3 of them have more than 1 job.

  • Nearly 2/5 of them are Actors.
  • Nearly 1/3 of them also Directors.
  • Only 1 candidate is Choreographer.
  • There are 3 managers among our candidates.
  • We also received 6 producers' scripts

Except that, we also received scripts from whose jobs are Singer,  Musician, Sound Designer, Theatre instructor, Artist, Speaker, Filmmaker, Creator-in-Residence, Script Reader, Dancer, Stagehand.


Other Jobs

There are 66 candidates have 55 kinds of different jobs, like Events Manager, Physician, 9-1-1 Operator, Video editor, Compliance, Administrative Law Judge, Engineer, etc. 38 of them also are the content creator(Playwright, Writer, Screenwriter, Lyricists, etc). 

In order to more efficiency, we classified these according to the industry. There are 55 different jobs from 6 industries.

  • Nearly 2/5 of them are from Service Industry, like the Yoga instructor, Cocktail Server, Events Manager, 9-1-1 Operator, Dog Walker, etc.
  • 1/5 of them are from Editor Industry, like Materials Research Society, News Editor, Editorial Assistant, Video editor, etc.
  • There are 5 candidates from Medicine Industry, like Psychologist, Child Psychologist, Physician, Surgeon, and Mentor of Life Skills.
  • Less than 10% Candidates are from Business Industry, like Bookseller, Insurance, Compliance, and Billing Rep.
  • We also received 4 candidates from Legal Industry.

Except that, we received scripts from people whose career industry are Clerical, Engineer, and Real Estate, etc.





A big THANK YOU to all of the schools, organizations, and companies who helped us spread the word about our competition! 

Till next time! 

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