Lotus Lee Travel Fellowship will be Launching Soon!

Lotus Lee Foundation welcomes you to share your insights on today's cultural market and win a field study tour to Shanghai, China!

Today’s cultural industry has been different than any of its previous forms. The blurring boundaries among various fields never fails to excite people­ ­— we have been witnessing the interaction and experiment between theatre, art, games, visual reality, technology, market and investment… Thanks to these active approaches, cultural and market exchange in an international context is getting its vibes for every global citizen.

Shanghai Cultural Square Theatre has been a pioneer in staging international performing art.

Shanghai Cultural Square Theatre has been a pioneer in staging international performing art.

What is Lotus Lee Travel Fellowship

Lotus Lee Travel Fellowship aims to inspire students and young professionals with their own interpretation on the cultural industry with a focus on theatre, art X technology and related market and investment. The fellowship will award an outstanding candidate who brings the most insightful discovery to the theatre industry through their research.

Participants are welcome to submit their original research paper or report to compete for an exclusive opportunity to travel to Shanghai and explore the globalized theatre industry behind the stage, thus enhancing the sharing of insights of future international performing art industry based on intensive cultural exchange.

What is Lotus Lee Foundation

Founded in 2017,  Lotus Lee Foundation is a non-profit theatre organization in New York City partnered with the Lotus Lee Drama Studios which was founded in China in 2015. Lotus Lee is a pioneer of theatre in China specializing in theatrical planning, investment, production, performance, marketing, and bringing new technology to the theatre. We have a large presence and following in Chinese international cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou and are growing here in the east coast of the United States as a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization. We strongly believe in cultural exchange, in bringing these two countries together, and sharing our stories with each other.

The Three Body Problem I stage scene, proudly produced by Lotus Lee Drama Studio in Shanghai.

Why are we doing this

Lotus Lee foundation cherishes cultural exchange based on theatre, art and technology. We aim to bridge the gap between Chinese and American theatre, thus providing a platform for emerging artists and young professionals in the theater to have their voice heard.

We have successfully launched similar programs such as New Work Initiative to boost the exposure and cultural communication of international playwrights. By hosting Lotus Lee Travel Fellowship, we look forward to step further on nurturing the cultural exchange from the perspectives of theatre industry research and ideas sharing.

Every opinion should be heard and valued in the era of globalization. We are long for your own insights and voices on the future of the theatre industry and its related fields­ — in the language of data or theoretical research.

Diverse international cultural exchange in Chinese theatre world

Why should you join

China and the US enjoys the beauty of differences in theatre market, entertainment, investment and business development ecosystem. The emerging new technologies have also made a thriving diverse cultural industry possible for the global community.

Through a series of projects, Lotus Lee Foundation would like to further foster the communication between China and the US from the perspective of cultural industry. We are also making efforts to create and access opportunities for the emerging artists and professionals and make their voice heard.

Your voice matters for us! We are very much looking forward to your insights and explorations! We will officially announce further details on the Lotus Lee Foundation Travel Fellowship soon. If you would like to keep updated with our latest moves and industry insights, we warmly welcome you to subscribe newsletter!


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