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Lotus Lee Foundation is building up a community that can inspire every member with the infinite potential of future theatre. We cherish every application material, as well as the priceless eagerness and passion for the future of theatre. The Internet has brought more and more likely-minded heroes together and you must be one of them! Let’s share our ideas together about theatre, art X technology and related fields by joining our Slack Group!

If You Are Our Fellowship Applicants

We feel responsible for every possible motivation to explore and contribute to cultural exchange in front of screens. We are willing to see something spontaneous and lively behind the data and case studies, that the research and insights can truly provoke thoughts and bridge the cultural gap of the versatile yet charming culture industry.

Show us your independent thoughts and your will to make impacts from your own perspectives of future theatre industry and community. We highly value “doer thinkers” who are not only researchers but also tactic practitioners. You will get ideas and opinions from senior professionals or peers from our community to polish yourself, also you will be free to explore latest theatre insiders and trends, ticket offers and other surprises!

If You are Our Future School Ambassadors

Being young and willing to learn would always prosper you as an advantage. It is never too early to start something meaningful and may potentially change your perspective towards life. We are making efforts in reaching out more people to join us and share their ideas and passion for the future of theatre. As our school ambassadors, you are our presence by communicating our enthusiasm to build up a community to share ideas for mutual growth. Let us explore the power of being engaged in a community together: you are actively interacting with friends, classmates and professors in colleges, most importantly, you can always make your own impacts in your community and make it thriving.

That’s why we are striving for an inspiring community to make brilliant ideas and insights heard. Tell us about your ideas and expectations of Travel Fellowship and the future of theatre, or simply your fervor thoughts of the theatre. We trust in the potential of the community with mutual will to striving for a more transparent, inspiring and sustainable future of theatre.

To make the community better, we are also looking for volunteer like you: apply for school ambassadors today!

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