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Photo Credit to Cornell Chinese Drama Society

Photo Credit to Cornell Chinese Drama Society


As a crucial part of our collaborators, theatre associations, especially those established by Chinese students, have been thriving recently. By organizing activities such as play adaptation and production, performances, as well as media our-reach and exposure, these organizations have been playing their unique roles in cultural diversity and well-being of communities. The Chinese voice has been emerging as part of theatre presence in colleges of the US.

Let’s have a look at some major emerging theatre clubs and what they have been doing!


Columbia Blue Glaze Theatre

Columbia University

Founded time: 2014

Production: A Beautiful Country, The Insane Asylum Next Door to Heaven, ect.

Performers from Columbia Blue Glaze on stage. Photo Credit to Internet

Performers from Columbia Blue Glaze on stage. Photo Credit to Internet

Columbia Blue Glaze Theatre is the first student theatre club that integrates theatre direction and performance. It is consisted of theatre enthusiasts from schools and colleges of NYC area such as Columbia University and New York University.

Zhang Jiayi, the director of Blue Glaze Theatre says that every play is like his own child. He grows with the roles in those plays, and witnesses the independence of the play on stage. The charm of theatre for him is the different perspective that provided to look at the world.


Princeton Chinese Theatre

Princeton University

Founding Time: 2008

First theatre association set up by Chinese students in North America.

Production: Thunderstorm, Train Station, Rhinoceros in Love, Ruan Lingyu, etc.


The theatre club was founded in 2008, which is the very first student-found, student run theatre association in North America. The board consists of 13 students, supporting the daily administration from artistic direction, marketing, technical support and finance.


Cornell Chinese Drama Society

Cornell University

Founded: 2014

Production: Thunderstorm, Rhinoceros in Love, The Peach Blossom Land, The Insane Asylum Next Door to Heaven

Photo Credit to Internet

Photo Credit to Internet


Founded in 2014, the drama society enjoys around 30 members each year. The predecessor of the society was the cast and production team of Thunderstorm. The society produces a play each semester, including the renowned modern spoken drama Rhinoceros in Love and The Peach Blossom Land.

Qingyun Xie, the lighting technician and creative director of Cornell Chinese Drama Society has been integrating has been integrating his engineer background with stage art. “Comparing to performers, not all the members enjoy arranging lighting. We need to train freshmen for positions like lighting technicians.” Xie says.


Wuming Theatre Club

Harvard University & Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Founded: 2014

Production: And Then There Were None, I am Not Libai, The Vagina Monologues

Photo Credit to Internet

Photo Credit to Internet

Wuming Theatre Club has been set up by theatre lovers in Greater Boston area such as Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Starting from 6 co-founders and has grown to a hundred members nowadays. One of its production And Then There Were None, which had its successful debut at MIT Kresge Auditorium.


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