How to Unlock Your Play and Talent in Slack International Community

What are you doing after submitting your play to New Work Initiative? Waiting for the result? Yes of course, but there’s much more to do!

Doll from The Three Body Problem. It's on us!

Doll from The Three Body Problem. It's on us!


Join our Slack community and show off your fun facts!

Scan the QR code to join Lotus Lee International community in Slack! You are also welcome to join our Chinese community in Wechat via the second QR code.


  • Submit your own pitch in the Slack group to introduce yourself and your work: One sentence to conclude your play + One sentence to conclude your story with theatre
  • We will select 3 winners with most likes and we have our Three Body Problem gifts for you!
Notebooks of The Three Body Problem. They are on us!

Notebooks of The Three Body Problem. They are on us!


Need some inspirations? Here are some fun facts we have found out about our applicants of New Work Initiatives!

We would like to hear about your behind-scene story! Let’s take a look at our NWI community! Whether you are 0 or 118 years old, 911 operator or surgeon, working for Lincoln Center, Sleep No More, or New York Times, we all welcome you to share your stories of your bonds with theatres!

Which group are you and your play in? Are you curious about who's the 0 or 115 years old? Find out in our Slack groups!

Lotus Lee foundation cherishes cultural exchange based on theatre, art and technology. We aim to bridge the gap between Chinese and American theatre, thus providing a platform for emerging artists and young professionals in the theater to have their voice heard.


When you enter the community, please introduce yourself with the format below:








For example:



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