The Forbidden Game of Youth: Alcoholic, Gamble, Innocent but Wily


It has been a noticeable phenomenon that Chinese students in the US have been producing theatre works in university theatre associations. Some of these productions are based on Chinese contemporary plays available in theatres, while some are adapted from international classic scripts by students themselves. The diversity of the productions are also impressive: the adapted plays may adopt Mandarin as the main language, or translated from other languages to English. While these students may not come from a theatre background, their passion and insistence for theatre has attracted a wide range of audiences, including their US classmates

Why do these Chinese students spend so much time on theatre associations in their extra-curriculum life? How do these theatre associations work? Here Lotus Lee Foundation would like to introduce a series of drama productions featured by School Theatre associations.

About Feiyu Theater

Feiyu Theatre was established in Spring 2015 by a group of Stanford students and alumni, to showcase the dynamic nature and richness of modern and traditional Chinese culture through performances of mandarin plays. By far, Feiyu has delivered three formal productions, including one original piece in experimental settings, 3 short productions and 6 original comedy skits. As a rising theater group, Feiyu has been well-recognized in the Stanford community and has had increasing presence in the SF Bay Area.

Production list

2016 | Lunar New Year Gala Original Skit (two pieces)
2016 | Spring Quarter Production: The Respectful Prostitute (Adapted) by Jean-Paul Sartre 2017 | Fall Quarter Production: Carriage Number 9 (Adapted from BBC)
2017 | Lunar New Year Gala Original Skit (two pieces)
2017 | Spring Quarter Production:  The Bus Stop by Xingjian Gao
2018 | Fall Quarter Production: Gone with the Birds by Zhoujia Li (original script)
2018 | Winter Quarter Production: The Pass at Kabala Mountain by Xingjian Gao
2018 | Lunar New Year Gala Original Skit (two pieces)
(Planned) 2018 | Spring Quarter Production


Previous work of Feiyu Theatre, The Respectful Prostitute (Adapted) by Jean-Paul


About the production:

"The Forbidden Game of Youth" is a mandarin adaptation of Soviet Union playwright Lyudmila Razumovskaya's famous piece Dear Yeleana Sergeevna, a play that explores conflicts of values between different social classes, genders and generations in the context of social change and turbulence. 


After their high school exit exams, four teenagers understand that they have not passed the exams may have their future career wrecked. Fraudulently they enter the house of their teacher's and demand the key to the safe in which the examination papers are stored. At first, they try to persuade the teacher, and then they come to bribery and blackmail. But the high-minded teacher does not agree to the deal with her conscience and tries to explain to her students all the meanness and baseness of their actions. As the "game" goes out of control, the multiple facets of human nature start to reveal...






Shen Xuesi - Yelena Sergeevna, teacher

"After a long time, I still kept Akuzawa's records. They can occasionally bring me back to that era. The times may have passed, but they will leave the fire in people's hearts.

Everything came to an abrupt end, as if it had never happened before. So I chose to become a math teacher – anyway, one plus one would equal two! In this way, at least what I teach the next generation is true and correct. ”



Chen Jingyuan -Vladimir, Yelena Sergeevna's schoolboy

"Children of the same age, if they are in relatively superior families, like to compare with their father, but I almost never mention it.

I yearn for and enjoy the feeling of playing with others. My favorite leader is Suslov, who is not well known. I hope that one day he will be able to hide the unpredictable expressions behind his endless schemes. ”


Zhou Siyun - Lala, Yelena Sergeevna's schoolgirl

“I lived in distress, but I have a broad horizon of the world. I read Nabokov’s original novels in English and I know that the Capital Movie Theatre will host international film competitions. I will never to live a rust live like my mother, a woman with her frown on her face forever...

I am a sober realist and I have a pure desire: to live an upper-class life."


Chen Siyuan - Pasha, Yelena Sergeevna's schoolboy

“In the summer, she would go to school wearing a flowery skirt and sandals, revealing her slender pale legs, and dancing light dance steps in music classes. That scene was so fascinated by me. Even if her feelings for me are not pure, I do not care, because I will certainly be successful and become an academic elite.

I do not like formalism, and I do not want to be a victim of this narrow and hypocritical world. ”


Liu Tianze - Vitya, Yelena Sergeevna's schoolboy

“My father used to be a very promising painter, but gradually became the social locust under the pressure of life. Although he warned me not to repeat his mistakes for many times, I still desperately feel that I am sliding into the abyss that drowned my father and I couldn't help himself.

I just hope to pass through life and never think of hurting anyone. ”

Who would be the final winner of the game? Let’s wait and see!


Performance Information


 May 12 Sunday, 7:00-9:00PM


Morris Dailey Auditorium

San Jose, CA 95112

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