NWI Update: Insights of Top 20 Plays!

We have closed-up the selection session and the winners will be announced next month!

Doll from The Three Body Problem

Doll from The Three Body Problem

As we have finished all the selection of submitted work, we will soon be welcoming the announcement of the winners! Thank you for your long waiting and let's take a look at the features of the top 20 work!

Do you know how do the selected work look? We have concluded some features of them! 

The top 20 plays selected by judges are consisted of various genres. Modern, satire and science fiction topics are the most popular genres. 



             The Count of Genre of Top 20 Work                        The Count of Genre of Submitted Work

Among the diverse genres, it is noticeable that even though satire only takes up to 7.5% of overall submitted work, it accelerates to 25% of the top 20 work. Similarly, science fiction also enjoys the high selection rate. Those work belong to modern topics share the same percentage of science fiction in the top 20 work.



                 Count of Gender of Top 20 Work                        Count of Gender of Submitted Work

The composition of count of gender is relatively same between selected work and overall work, unlike the obvious switch of count of genre.


                   Count of Type of Top 20 Work                              Count of Type of Submitted Work


Nationality of Top 20 Candidates

Seems like the top candidates come from North and South America. Thanks to their hard work, New World Initiative is getting more diverse!



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