School Ambassador (Intern)

Position Description: 
The School Ambassador Intern will be our most efficient way of getting student bodies to submit to our New Work Initiative and be involved with our other projects. This individual will be chosen based on qualifying characteristics that will help expand our Foundation to student bodies of different colleges/universities. We plan on choosing one student from different schools to be our representatives.   

-Pass around flyers and booklets to the student body during any big school activities or fairs.
-Be in charge of holding panels where students voice their ideas on how Lotus Lee Foundation can better help the young generation of artists. It is important that we pay attention to what the younger generation has to say so that we can better help their voices be heard!
-Take high quality pictures and videos of all of the Foundation activities that occur in the school.
-Be in charge of posting on their school’s Facebook website about our organization and how students can get involved.
-Distribute Lotus Lee Foundation posters, flyers and information booklets to organizations around your area.
-If any student related events that could benefit Lotu lee Foundation take place at your school, we would love to hear about them!
-Be our organization representative and engage the faculty of your school with all of our current projects.
-Organize Lotus Lee Foundation school events when necessary. 

-Must be a Current student in the theatre-related department.
-Highly Motivated Team Player.
-Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
-Up to date on current events and popular trends.
-Great problem solving skills.
-Have a passion for either theatre or technology (or both).
-Some knowledge of the world of Marketing.
-Proficient in Google Docs/Drive, Word, Spreadsheets, PowerPoint, Photoshop, etc.
-Have some experience running events or managing an activity. 

-School Internship Credit.
-Letters of recommendation from the Lotus Lee team for future work applications.
-Complimentary Lotus Lee Foundation Merchandise
-Possibility of work opportunity  in our other projects.
-You will get the chance to explore and learn more about the theatre industry and the possibility of working with broadway industry professionals.
-From all of our School Ambassador Interns, we will select a few who will have the chance of interning at our NYC Offices. While the School Ambassador internship doesn’t require you to be at our office, we would be more than glad to set an ongoing internship at our NYC office once each participant’s school semester is over.
-The NYC Internship will be payed. 

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