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The New Work Initiative 2017/2018 submission period has officially CLOSED. If you are a Women in the Arts and Media Coalition Subscriber, you can still submit your play by providing the correct password!

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Welcome to the 1st year of our New Work Initiative Playwright Award! Our primary goal is to bring the best theatre from the United States to China and vice versa. And to foster and encourage new voices and share your stories. This is why we’re interested in new works from artists like you.

We have an open submission where you can submit your new work at no cost to you. This open submission will remain open until February 18th, 2018 when our panel of esteemed judges will choose 5 works. We'll produce the best one in 2019 with a significant budget for a year-long tour in China with a potential remount in the States. We look forward to reading your work! Thank you!


1st Place Winner: 

  • Lotus Lee Foundation Contract: Fully Produced Tour in China
  • 1st Place Certificate 

2nd Place Winner:

  • Cash Price: $500
  • Professional Advice on your Play from our Judges
  • 2nd Place Certificate

3rd Place Winner:

  • Cash Price: $300
  • Professional Advice on your Play from our Judges
  • 3rd Place Certificate

2 Honorable Mentions: 

  • Honorable Mention Certificate
  • Professional Advice on your Play from our Judges

Fully Produced Tour in China (2019):




  • We will produce the full production in China
  • Casting help and hiring of creative team as needed
  • Housing/Transportation for team
  • VISA/passort help
  • Paid round-trip for creative team and cast
  • Paid transport of production elements

September 18th, 2017: The New Work Initiative officially opens

-February 18th, 2018: The New Work Initiative officially closes.

-February 19th - March 23rd: In-house choosing of the best twenty to twenty-five (20-25) scripts that follow the program guidelines.

-March 23rd - May 22nd: Judges read the scripts.

-May 23rd - May 26th: Judges choose top 5 scripts and send us the feedback on each of plays. From those 5 plays, Judges will vote on the best script.

-July: Announcement of The New Work Initiative Winners!

 Vice President and Director of Lotus Lee Foundation

Vice President and Director of Lotus Lee Foundation

Muso Fan


Head of Theatre Technology at DePaul University

Founder of No Peeking Theatre/Director



Playwright/Theatre Maker


Artistic Director of MCC Theater Youth Company

  1. Must be an original work.
  2. No previous production and publication all around the world.
  3. Has never granted and will not grant other individuals or entities to use the script in anyway before the the choosing outcome is issued.
  4. Play must be a full-length piece. At least an hour long.
  5. Can be a play, performance art, movement piece, physical theatre, dance, musical, etc.
  6. No restriction on plot, content, or themes. Children’s plays accepted.
  7. Submissions will only be accepted in English. The show that is chosen will be translated to mandarin for the Chinese Tour in 2019.   
  8. Open to making use of new technology
    • Projections, holograms, media technology, virtual reality, etc.


Lotus Lee Foundation reserves the first right negotiation and agrees to produce the first place winner in this yearly competition. First place winners are required to sign a production contract.



    1. Full script in PDF format

    • Please do not include your name on the script

    2. A Separate PDF with following information:

    • Playwright’s bio
    • Summary of the play
    • Character breakdown
    • Production history, if applicable
    • Creative team and cast breakdown, if applicable

    3. A short explanation, in PDF, of why you think your piece is a good fit for Lotus Lee Foundation

    4. Other info: professional website link, production photos or videos, inspirations, etc. 






    1. What happens with the ownership of the script once it's being presented in China?

        When it comes to ownership of the script, Lotus Lee Foundation definitely does not own any of the submitted works before both sides have signed a contract. The playwright who ends up winning first place will still have full ownership of the text. We only reserve the first right negotiation and agree to produce the first place winner's play in the competition, as we specified in bold in the criteria part of our website. As we indicated in the Criteria, Lotus Lee Foundation reserves the first right negotiation and agrees to produce the first place winner in this yearly competition, which means that we will sign a production contract with the playwright.


    2. Why are only Unproduced scripts eligible for submission?

        We are looking for unproduced scripts because we are primarily looking to support young playwrights who are just starting out. We want to be able to help out young artists and give them the correct tools that someone who is older might already have. On the other hand, the "New Work Initiative" aims to promote new work. We don't accept adaptations of classics or public IP that everybody already knows. If the play has already been produced, then it has already granted other producer the license to produce the play. We would like to have an exclusive license when producing the chosen play.


    3. Will the winning script be awarded with a monetary compensation?

        Of course, the playwright will get a monetary compensation as part of the production budget based on mutual agreement.


    4. Due to the cultural differences between the United States and China, can plays that deal with Homosexuality and/or Sexuality be submitted?

        We will accept submissions for any type of topic and genre as long as they meet our criteria guidelines. Unfortunately, due to cultural differences between the US and China, the chances of it actually being selected for touring around China are slim. Nevertheless, we would love to take a look at your work and your story. You might be eligible to win one of our other three prices!


    5. Is this submission program only occurring this year?

       No! The New Work Initiative will be a yearly competition. We want to give artists as many opportunities as we can to let their voices be heard!


    6. How can you help support Lotus Lee Foundation?

        Through our donation page, you can donate whichever amount you please. Thisdonation will go into the creation of our programs here at Lotus Lee. When donating, you become eligible to receive certain Lotus Lee Perks! The more you donate, the cooler the perks are! Click here to donate to us now!


    7. How can we keep up to date with everything Lotus Lee Foundation?

        By subscribing to our mailing list, you will be sent email updates from our organization detailing our projects and how you can become involved with them!