Penned by one of China's most popular and critically acclaimed science fiction writers, Liu Cixin's THE THREE-BODY PROBLEM is the first in the spectacular REMEMBRANCE OF EARTH'S PAST trilogy. Exploring highly provocative themes pervading a modern society such as space-age astrophysics, the worldwide nuclear arms race, nefarious government conspiracies, the dynamics of space travel, murderous marriages and alien life itself, THE THREE-BODY PROBLEM is one of the most uniquely prescient novels of the 21st century. Centering on an astrophysics student named Ye Wenjie who is forced into a labor brigade following her involvement in the Cultural Revolution, the first novel in the trilogy explores Ye's journey from Mongolia to marital malaise to a space colony and far beyond, literally rewriting human history in the process. Winner of the Chinese Science Fiction Yinhe Award in 2006 and the English translation by Ken Liu the recipient of the esteemed 2015 Hugo Award for Best Novel, Cixin's introductory chapter into the dramatically rich and fascinatingly complex universe of Ye, her friends and her foes provides ample fodder for one of the most compelling science fiction universes ever created.


The second chapter of Liu Cixin's REMEMBRANCE OF EARTH'S PAST trilogy features an English translation by Joel Martinsen that was first released in 2015 following the premiere Chinese publication in 2008. Continuing the riveting and emotional tale begun in THE THREE-BODY PROBLEM, THE DARK FOREST further explores the themes originally presented in the introductory novel while presenting a plethora of new concepts, ideas and situations, as well. Following passionate astronomer and sociologist Luo Ji through more than 200 years of life, the deeply human story swiftly rockets to one of the most thrilling climaxes in the entire trilogy, with human life and our very entire existence in the universe itself on the line. Echoing the ethos originally presented in THE THREE-BODY PROBLEM - that is, the two basic rules of civilization being survival and maintenance of resources - THE DARK FOREST provides an equally dynamic and fascinating central hero, furthering the futuristic story in a stylish and thought-provoking manner and upping the ante to build to the ultimate showdown in the final installment of the franchise, DEATH'S END.