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Lotus Lee Travel Fellowship


Through the Travel Fellowship, Lotus Lee Foundation hopes to stimulate an in-depth discussion on the future development of the theater and performing arts industry. We are aiming at encouraging students and young professionals to exam this topic from different perspectives including business model, the market expands, art & technology integration, investment, cross-cultural communication, etc.

The fellowship will provide its recipients an opportunity to explore the theater industry in Shanghai, China; to broaden their experience and knowledge on the cultural exchange; to deepen their insights on the future of international performing arts field.


Our Mission

Lotus Lee Foundation is a New York City based 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our mission is to bridge arts and technology; to nourish the cultural exchange between China and America through theater and education; to enhance the voice of emerging artists and young professionals, especially those from the Asian community.



    • Applicants must live in the US.

    • Applicants must choose which group they belong to.
      • The Students Group includes, undergraduate students , and graduate students.
      • The Young Professionals Group includes  Ph.D, researchers, scholars and individuals who have graduated in the past 15 years. (Graduates prior to 2003 are ineligible.) Holders of multiple degrees may apply. Proof of revived diploma between 2003 and 2018 is required.
    • Student candidates must have one supervisor to help examine the work before submission. The supervisor can be the professor, instructor, or teacher. Supervisor’s information is required in the application.
    • Winners are expected to travel to China learn about the booming performing arts market and make a presentation on US-China Summit when coming back to the US.


    Theme of 2018 Travel Fellowship

    • Theater of the Future

    Theme Interpretation

    According to the data from Broadway League , theater audiences are growing older.  Broadway is no longer attracting young people to the theater. Meanwhile, various forms of off-line experience are emerging and in return urging the performing arts industry to make a reform. People are fascinated with Immersive Theater such as Sleep No More, interactive media exhibition such as Team Lab, and new types of theater experience such as Pandora – The World of Avatar in the theme park Disney's Animal Kingdom. Performers are no longer limited to the stage, while audiences are no longer bounded to the seats. 

    How will new technologies such as VR\AR transform the future stage? How soon will AI (Artificial Intelligence) be able to write a play, since it already writes poetry pretty well? How will Blockchain technology protect IP and benefit the entertainment industry? How should we educate our next generation through theater? These are all great questions that haven't yet been answered. And that's the reason why we founded this Travel Fellowship to attract people from different disciplines to give us their unique perspectives about the theater of the future. We'll then give the most insightful minds an opportunity to continue exploring the research topic in a global scale.


    • Applicants can choose different perspectives to interpret this theme, however the applicants must explain how does this perspective relates to the theme.
    • For social science research paper(business/market analysis, education), it must list all reference and data source. We encourage applicant to use qualitative and quantitative methods in your paper especially for market analysis research paper.
    • For technical application research paper(new technology/new application), applicants are required to provide a demo/diagrams with descriptions illustrating the practical use of this technology on stage or future theaters, along with the original research paper.
    • All papers gonna be evaluated by 5 main metrics:
      • Relativity: The topic should relate to the main theme "theater of the future"
      • Originality: Participants should ensure the originality of the paper
      • Practicality: The conclusion/technology should have or imply a practical use in reality
      • Novelty: Is this conclusion/technology unique and Innovative?
      • Creativity: Does it endeavor to tackle an issue/illustrate a problem in a creative and thoughtful way?


    • Application  -  All materials must be submitted in English
      • Current CV
      • Documents support your eligibility
        • Students Group: scanned PDF of Current Student ID or equivalent 
        • Young professional group: scanned PDF of your diploma or equivalent 
      • An original research paper (Minimum 1500 words) in APA format
        • Technical application research paper should submit along with a separate document illustrating the practical use of this technology on stage or future theaters.
        • Paper with multiple authors are eligible to submit, however for the same paper we will only consider the first author. The applicant should get other authors' approval when submitting this application.
      • A travel itinerary, including a list of sites to visit, a list of performances to see, and other resources that support the proposed research agenda
      • A budget plan on how the applicant intends to spend the stipend
      • Students group applicants should submit a document containing supervisor's information including name, affiliation, title, relationship to the applicant and a professional comment (Minimum 100 words) 
    • After the Travel
      • Winners will complete a study report and present it at the Lotus Lee Foundation's New York City office or our US-China Summit (to be determined).


    • April 30th, 2018: Registration open
    • June 25th, 2018: Submission open
    • Aug 27th, 2018: Registration & Submission officially close.
    • Aug 28th-Sep 14th: In-house selection
    • Sep 17th, 2018: Recipients announcement
    • Oct-Dec 2018: Winners get ready for the trip
    • Dec. 2018: Winners return to US, complete and present their study report


    • Lotus Lee Foundation will pay for the one-week trip to Shanghai China, including
      • round-trip flight tickets (worth $1500)
      • 7 days hotel stay (worth $500)
      • $200 cash reimbursement for show tickets and/or related research expense (recipes required)
    • Studio visit to Lotus Lee Drama Studio
      • one of the most innovative theater companies in China
      • producer of the market hit piece  “Three Body Problem Part I”
    • 1 year free membership on (worth $100)
    • Invitation to the award ceremony
    • US and China media exposure 



    Bonus for All Candidates

    Every candidate is eligible for a one-month free trial on Cennarium,  an online Performing Arts streaming platform to help you do research and collecting data regarding your research topic. Remember, there's only one month free trial, and it will start counting when you activate the account. Please use this free tool wisely in terms of the time limit.  Lotus Lee Foundation has made sure with Cennarium that they won't require any credit card information.  The candidate who wants to take this advantage will still need to enroll by themselves through a special link in an email sent by Lotus Lee Foundation.


    Registration Form

    【Candidates must register below in order to receive submission instructions】

    Join Slack Group to directly contact us and discuss with fellow candidates who share the same research interest!

    For WeChat User please scan the QR code to join WeChat Discussion Group

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    1. If you are encountering problems with the online application platform, the registration process, or having other technical difficulties.

    Please email or submit your questions above if you experience any problems with the online platform. Slack or wechat is always the fast way.

    2. How will the winner be rewarded?

    Lotus Lee Foundation will help the candidate to arrange the China Travel. We will directly pay the round-trip air tickets and local accommodation.  Besides, there'll be another $200 cash reimbursement for show tickets and related research expense.

    3. Is this Travel Fellowship only occurring this year?

    Not at all. The Travel Fellowship will be a yearly competition. We want to give students and young professionals as many opportunities as we can to let their voices be heard!

    4. How can you help support Lotus Lee Foundation?

    Through our donation page, you can donate any amount you like. This donation is tax-deductible and will only go into the foundation. You could also support us by joining our volunteer group and applying for the open positions there!

    5. How can you keep up with Lotus Lee Foundation?

     By subscribing to the mailing list, you will be sent email updates from our organization regarding events, news and opportunities!

    Still Have Questions? No Problem!





    Online Streaming Platform Cennarium has partnered with us offering all the candidates 1 month free trial to their vast online performing arts video database in order to better accomplish the research paper. Cennarium will automatically generate a free trial account for all candidate after registration.



    Special Thanks

    Special thanks to the following groups who helped us spread the words


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    Asian American Arts Alliance

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