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Join us in a cultural theatrical exchange between the United States and China as we explore new works and the latest technology.

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The Lotus Lee Foundation is a newly established 501(c)3 non-profit theatre organization based in New York City which is partnered with the Lotus Lee Drama Studios, a theatre company founded in Shanghai in 2015. Our mission goal is to engage in a cultural exchange between China and the United States, to produce new works in the United States and China while bringing original theatre pieces and the most innovative theatre technology to those with previously limited access to it.

Current primary projects include our New Work Initiative, Children's Play Initiative, Global Artist in China. All of these projects stem from a passionate desire to inspire and encourage young people to pursue a career in the arts and to offer them an opportunity to share their voices and stories on the international stage.
At the Lotus Lee Foundation, we strive to connect with and inspire an international audience through new and emerging live entertainment markets in China. We are forthrightly dedicated to the distinct representation of a diverse roster of accomplished writers, producers, directors, choreographers, composers, designers, actors and stage managers from Broadway, Off-Broadway and the West End. Our primary aim is to nurture the world’s best theatre talents while continuing to seek out diversified theatrical opportunities for our clients in the exciting and ever-growing theatrical scene in China.

Join our many talented theatre artists and explore new opportunities with us today!
The Children’s Play Initiative aims to highlight new works that inspire and engage children audience. Previously, we have showcased numerous successful productions in the cultural exchange between China and the United States which stands as the basis for the Lotus Lee Foundation. Winning entries will display a distinct understanding of the unlimited possibilities of theatre through compelling and dynamic stories with intriguing plots, fascinating characters and an informed global perspective.
The Lotus Lee Foundation has recently presented critically-acclaimed theatrical adaptations of THE THREE-BODY PROBLEM and THE THREE-BODY PROBLEM: THE DARK FOREST, based upon the novels of international best-selling author Liu Cixin, to sold-out success in both Shanghai and Beijing and a number of major cities in China, utilizing a plethora of innovative artists from around the world to collectively create technologically superior experiences beyond anything witnessed in world theatre until now. Our next hot property could be yours!
Before Elsa and Anna... before Elphaba and Glinda... before Roxie and Velma... two fiercely ferocious female protagonists faced off in epic fashion as part of international interactive gaming sensation DRAGON'S NEST, one of the most successful franchises in world history. Highlighted by two towering dynamic central roles, the rich and resplendent universe of the groundbreaking new stage drama unfolds with the viewer essential in uncovering the "happily ever after".... Elegantly evoking elements of WICKED, SLEEPING BEAUTY, FROZEN and THE LORD OF THE RINGS with a strikingly contemporary perspective and idiosyncratic style all its own, the battle between two queens and their faithful followers - both valiant and nefarious - populate the vivid landscape of queens, warriors, archers, clerics, assassins, winners, losers and the true believers. From paupers to princes, saving the kingdom is anyone's bet. There are no rules and anything is possible. Believing is everything and sometimes human will is enough to make miracles, along with a hearty helping of blood, sweat, tears... and faith. Are you tough enough to take the journey and play the game? Time is running out. Press play.




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